Welcome to The Tao of Recovery

Chinese characters for Tao

Chinese characters for Tao

The Chinese concept tao (or sometimes written dao) means way, path, or route.  In the context of addiction recovery, there are many pathways from which to choose.  The path you will find here is one in which the usual theistic, Judeo-Christian approach to spiritual healing and Twelve Step work is translated into non-theistic terms.  This is a journey that began for me when, in the context of my own addiction recovery and 12-step work, I stumbled across Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching.  It was then that I came to believe in a spiritual path upon which I too could recover.  To my own self, I had become true.  I wrote about this conversion experience in An Appeal for Pantheism.

The central purposes of this site are to:

  • Chronicle my experiences with both addiction and recovery;
  • Provide a creative outlet for my love of research and writing;
  • Provide a resource for addiction treatment and recovery; and
  • Describe how I have approached the work of the Twelve Steps from a non-theistic perspective.

I hope that you will find something here that inspires you.  May you be safe, healthy, happy, and at peace!